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Phone Consultations

Seshagiri Rao, M.D., P.A. Board Certified in Allergy & Immunology

Appointments for telephone consultations are available for our out-of-town patients (at least a 2-3 hour drive from our office). These appointments can also be made available for our local patients based upon availability.

Consultations last either 30 minutes or 1 hour, based on the patient’s situation and the amount of information to be discussed

The fee assessed for a 30-minute consult is $200, and a 60-minute consult is $400. Our office will assist you in filing the claims with your insurance company. The fee for the consult must be paid at the time of the appointment.

Dr. Rao has made these consultations available specifically to maintain continuation of care for our out-of-town patients. During your consultation, Dr. Rao will discuss the progress made and any new problems that have arisen since your last office visit, review nutritional supplements and prescriptions currently being used and their effects, and review any lab reports received since your last appointment. In order to make these appointments as beneficial as possible, please follow the recommendations below:

  1. By fax or by e-mail, send us your list of topics you want to discuss and any questions you have by the Wednesday before the appointment.
  2. Our Check that you have copies of all lab reports that are to be discussed. If not, our office can fax any reports you may be missing in time for your consultation.

We recommend that our patients make monthly appointments to maintain communication between you, your child and Dr. Rao for the best possible care. However, though these telephone consults are available, we ask that you make an effort to come into the office every three or four months to optimize our care of your child.

To set up a phone consult, please contact my staff at 972-964-7373. Thank you!

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Telephone Consultation
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